Any questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here on this page.

The rent of a car at the airport is essential and necessary to get to Can Tunicu and from there to anywhere! It doesn't necessarily have to be a four-wheel drive vehicle, but it should be reasonably off-road or at least a no lowered car as the private access road is steep and bumpy , made of stones , chippings and soil only.

Can Tunicu is unfortunately not barrier-free or handicapped accessible! Due to its location on a mountain with mainly uneven paths and the modality of the house (numerous steps and stairs), we cannot recommend the house for wheelchair users or guests with reduced mobility.

Furthermore, we ask you to refrain from making reservations with children under the age of 12, as the extensive property is only partially surrounded by natural stone walls, difficult to control, and at some places borders on steep slopes. The rocky ground can also quickly become an injury risk for children.

In the dry summer months in particular, there is an extremely high risk of forest fires across the entire island. At Can Tunicu, smoking is therefore only permitted on the terrace, regardless of the current risk situation. Please do never throw the stubs of your cigarette on the ground but always use an ashtray.

Pets are normally not allowed.